Basic information and advantages to selling by auction.


1. Selling real estate by auction is a winning proposition for everyone.


For the seller:

  1. Bidders and buyers come prepared to buy and put money down.
  2. Buyers come pre-qualified and prepared to buy.
  3. A quick sell reduces additional taxes, maintenance, insurance, and other expenses on the property.
  4. Reduces the number of inconvenient and intrusive showing of the house.
  5. Assures that the property will be sold for the true market value.
  6. Creates competitive bidding which increases the selling price of the home.
  7. Exposes the property to large number of prospective buyers.
  8. Everyone has an equal opportunity to buy the home.
  9. On a given day, at a given time, the property will be sold. Seller, bidders, buyers, everyone knows.


For the buyer:

  1. The buyer knows that the seller is committed to selling the property.
  2. The auction method reduces the time it takes to buy the property.
  3. The bidders/buyers determine the market value and price.
  4. No negotiating needed.
  5. Buyers know that they are competing fairly at the same time and under the same terms as others.
  6. Price and settlement dates are known.
  7. Buyers are purchasing a property at true market value.
  8. Disclosure statements provided and available on all properties weeks before the auction.



2. What is the first step I should take if I want to sell by auction or get more information?

            Contact Lancaster Real Estate Auction Company for a free, confidential, meeting so that we may sit down with you and provide you with an expert opinion if an auction is the best method for you to sell your property.


3. What next?

            If you chose to sell your property by auction, we will sit down with you and go over each step that is involved in this journey.  Lancaster Real Estate Auction Company will be with you every step of the way. Our goal is your satisfaction of knowing what your property was sold at market value or greater.


4. What if I want to buy a property at auction?

            Contact Lancaster Real Estate Auction Company so that we make sure that you find the information that you need.  You may need to make some financial arrangements or contact a financial lending organization to help you.  If you have not seen a copy of the disclosure statement and the terms of the auction, we can provide you with that as well.


5. I am unsure on how to bid on the property auction day.

            Please give is a call or e-mail so that we can help you with this. We want you to be comfortable and understand the process. Please contact us so that we can explain in detail what you will see and hear.




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